Construction of steel houses

Homes that are made of prefabricated steel, anti-seismic and highly energy-efficient are not the future but the present.

Our innovative construction system allows us to divide the building times in half, guarantees safety in the case of seismic events and is considered a 100% eco-sustainable solution.

With us you no longer have to choose between beauty and safety: you can have your home dream at an affordable price, turnkey, according to a model or design, with a maximum guarantee of safety and quality of all the materials and adopted technologies.

Research and development are the heart of innovation

Thanks to the collaboration of an excellent team of engineers, the company has designed and tested a new state-of-the-art construction model in the sector of anti-seismic steel houses, which allows for the realization of housing in a timely manner with specific costs.

Experimental tests are carried out on all the structures to control the supporting framework, therefore guaranteeing the quality and durability of the materials.

Several of our housing proposals

Choose one of the following homes to have realized or ask for a custom project


- For sale in turnkey at € 206.000

Modern style, single-family home with its 126 square meters that offers the…

126 mq 3 Rooms 3 Bathrooms Single parking spot 


- For sale in turnkey at € 206.000

Casa unifamiliare in stile classico con finiture in pietra naturale, che con…

126 mq 3 Rooms 3 Bathrooms Single parking spot 


Fast realization

The speed of construction is due to the fact that all the supporting elements of the house are prefabricated and are delivered to the construction site ready to be assembled.

Absence of humidity

Mold and humidity are caused by the phenomenon of condensation. Our homes are built with materials and installations that guarantee continuous ventilation.

Tremor resistant

The houses built from a steel support base provide protection and reactivity in the event of seismic events.


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