How much do houses in steel cost?

Houses in steel, with the same energy class, have a lower cost compared to traditionally built housing.

Are the foundations also included in the price?

The construction of the foundation and any related excavations are not included in the cost of the house. However, the company will provide all the calculations in order to be able to carry out the pre-production works in c.a.
In the case that our client requires that such works should also be included, the opportune quantification and realization will be carried out.

How long will it take to have a house built?

The duration of the entire construction work will vary from 4 to 5 months depending on the size of the work to be carried out.

Which types of electrical, hydraulic and heating systems can I choose?

All the types of the installed systems are designed in advance by our engineers in the function of environmental well-being, with an elevated standard of quality, while maintaining the availability of performing upgrades in the field of domotics, or in air treatment as well as the irradiation of the heating and cooling.

Can idea building houses adapt to any climate condition?

Depending on the geo-localization, solar exposure, and other technical parameters, the houses are designed individually and on time in order to promptly respond to the current regulations of the locations that regulate energy savings.

How do I make certain that the homes are truly anti-seismic?

The elevations in steel are known for their excellence. The structures that respond better to seismic stresses is proof of the structural engineering of homes used in highly seismic countries such as Japan, USA, etc.
In addition, since the steel structure is much lighter than reinforced concrete, it fully responds to a fundamental principle of anti-seismicity which is the lightness of the structure.

Can I purchase one of your homes through financing?

We collaborate with various financial institutions that can support the needs of our clients.

Do steel structures attract lightning?

The structures are fitted with ground lightning rods that are absolutely safe and will offer protection in the event of lightning strikes.