Steel house

The system allows for the realization of dry, eco-sustainable and energy-efficient steel housing, which represents a viable alternative to wooden houses and homes with traditional masonry technologies.

Custom Architecture

Absolute freedom of planning and a high degree of functional customization and design based on the will and needs of use of the client; steel allows for greater architectural versatility compared to traditional constructions.


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Rapid realization

Building in steel is faster. A fully built “dry” house allows for savings of 50 or 60% on the times of construction compared to a traditional construction process and, consequently, a significant reduction in costs.


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The “turnkey” houses are well-designed, masterly accomplished and efficiently organized. The “turnkey” designs guarantee the quality of the performed operations, the supply, and installation of systems and finishes.


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Steel homes are reliable and safe structures, assembled with quality materials and technology systems that can make your home comfortable and economical, especially in terms of energy savings.


Certainty of cost

The final price of the house is determined in advance and is not subject to any changes during its construction for all the materials will be selected together with the client and defined at the drawing up of the final contract.


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Maximum safety in the event of quakes

Steel responds perfectly to the most stringent requirements for constructions in seismic areas. Steel structures provide the ability to absorb seismic energy by using the high plastic reservoirs that are typical of the material.

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Total absence of mold and moisture>

The “dry” steel constructions, unlike concrete and wood, which are characterized by the “sponge effect”, are healthy and mold-free environments for steel is not a conductor of humidity.

Guaranteed over time

The durability of steel housings is primarily guaranteed by the anti-corrosive characteristics of steel and the treatments it is subjected to. Steel is not subject to episodes of corrosion that can endanger the structural stability.


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Steel is 100% recyclable and beyond, without any loss of quality. All the constructions are realized in compliance with the strictest regulations on eco-sustainable construction and energy savings.