House prices are only indicative because each client has their own requirements and needs, their own objectives and their own aesthetic tastes.

We offer two proposals listed below:


Advanced Unfinished

The term “advanced unfinished” refers to a level (status of works) of the execution of the construction work we propose to the client, in that you will be free to intervene directly by deciding and choosing how to realize the internal works and finishes.

With reference to the exterior part, the house will be delivered in the following completed state: supply and installation of the vertical and horizontal and/or inclined metal structure, complete with a roof and its insulation and/or ventilation package, coat of insulation for outer perimeter, a cycle of shavings and colored finish of the facades. The above-mentioned supply is evidently inclusive for it is mandatory for the static design along with subsequent testing and the release of the certifications of conformity of the materials used.

With reference to the interior part, every house is provided with the tracking of the subdivided environments, the realization of perforated patterns for the predispositions of the installations of utilities and services (a work that will be carried out according to the project provided by the client at the beginning of the structural work), the provision of a special support structure for installing subframes of external window and door frames.

By selecting the “advanced unfinished” option, a client is free to use their trusted technicians for the realization of the installations and to go to local suppliers to purchase the remaining works for the completion of the house.



“Turnkey” simply means the handing over of the built home complete with all the aesthetic and functional elements requested by our clients in a very short time.

The works included are:

  • Advanced unfinished
  • Internal compartmentalization
  • Complete level 1 electrical systems according to regulation CEI 64-8 VII edition
  • Thermo-hydraulic, sanitary and heat pump systems
  • External doors and windows
  • Reinforced gate for the entrance
  • Interior flooring and finishes
  • Interior doors
  • Sectional garage door
  • Interior painting


The “turnkey” house in steel does not include, if not specifically requested:

  • Excavations, filling, foundations, and drainage line works
  • Sidewalks, outdoor pavements, garden and fence walls
  • Design, structural calculations for works not carried out by our company, geological surveys, bureaucratic and authorization paperwork, design and placement of green areas (external spaces and winter garden)