Idea Building It is a company that has been operating in the construction industry for years. Taking advantage of its two decades of know-how in general construction, it presents itself as a point of reference in the domestic and international marketplace in the construction of houses in steel with a new construction model that perfectly combines innovation and tradition.

Why us?

The company is a general contract and the synergy that was created among the various companies that are part of the group. It wants to be the best answer to market demands in terms of anti-seismic safety, housing comfort, reduction of building and maintenance costs, a versatility of solutions and attentive technical-economic evaluations in order to optimize energy savings. The company handles the entire production chain, from the architectural and structural design to the realization of the steel structure in the factory, to the selection of the general specifications at our showrooms, to the complete realization of the job, issuing all the certifications necessary for obtaining the housing title. The two decades of experience in the industry makes it easy to satisfy all the demands of our clients so that their family dreams are fulfilled with our “zero stress” solution. Everything to allow us to arrange the first dinner at your home.