Turnkey solutions

The first objective has always been to make sure our client participates in the realization of his/her home: this is the reason why they are assisted step by step from the idea to the design to the turnkey delivery of the home, passing through the bureaucratic and project obligations and the construction.


Once the architectural selection of the house has been made, our company’s showrooms will be more than happy to welcome you and directly illustrate to you all the finishes in our catalogs, so you can actually “touch” the quality of the selected materials and immediately evaluate any variations given the wide choices available. With the assistance package, you will be able to register for a multi-year periodic maintenance contract with which you can delegate jobs and tasks to third party companies, therefore, dedicating more time to the full enjoyment of your new home.
The advantage of the prearranged subscription of the maintenance contract is definitely worth the price. The first year of service will be included in your construction contract of your new home, and by registering to the multi-year maintenance contract you will be immediately inserted into the “no problem home” network.


The project is based on an idea that has a base and foundation for a context or need.
Developing a project means focusing and organizing an idea in the elements of design such as the analysis of context, analysis of feasibility and sustainability, division of the spaces, and choice of the most modern technologies. All this for the full benefit of your living well.


The strength of our company is the management of the entire production chain, which ensures the timely completion and achievement of the highest quality standards of your new home, ensuring that even the most meticulous design takes shape in the completed work.


As the result of agreements with a nationwide partner, our company provides our clients with a dedicated consultant to provide you with explanations and assistance to help you at any stage of your mortgage request, from the preliminary analysis to the mortgage signing with the bank.
Mortgages are one of the most demanding and costly choices of one’s life and it is for this reason we want to provide you with a service from true financial professionals, ready to clarify any of your doubts on your mortgage and always available by phone or email.
You will be able to get your first answer within 24 hours and, if you wish, the consultant can be the one who can set up your first appointment with the bank.
The consultancy for the continuation of your mortgage application is completely free and non-binding.

Houses in Steel: Research and Development

Research and development are at the heart of innovation. Thanks to a great team of engineers, our company has designed and tested a new state-of-the-art construction model in the anti-seismic steel house industry.